linda gail lewis and robbie fulks are proud to present their new album…


here’s the word on the street…

Rolling Stone Magazine

“ The rip-roaring spirit of early rock and roll looks to be alive and well in 2018 thanks to the All-KILLER pairing of Linda Gail Lewis and Robbie Fulks, who are dropping their new collaborative LP Wild! Wild! Wild! this summer via Chicago’s Bloodshot Records.”

Mother Jones

“ He’s an American great who excels at both sly humor and thoughtful balladry. She’s the younger sister of original rock and roll Hellraiser Jerry Lee Lewis, with a wild musical streak of her own. Put them together and the result is non stop fun. Move over, Johnny and June, George and Tammy: Robbie and Linda Gail Lewis are the latest classic duo !”


“ Linda Gail Lewis and Robbie Fulks have teamed up on a shrewd, witty album that’s a throwback to the earliest era of rock n’ roll- but it’s not pickled in nostalgia.”


“Ms Lewis wails and pumps piano when taking on Jerry Lee’s 1975 number “Boogie Woogie Country Gal, and the full Fulks acerbic wit is unleashed as Ms. Lewis belts his “murder, right here, live, during the song” “Till Death”. The wild title song simply rocks.”

Linda gail lewis


Born a Louisiana girl and now residing in Austin, Texas. She's the little sister to living legend and musical genius, Jerry Lee Lewis. Raised on rock'n'roll pumping piano and country, Linda Gail grew up with a passion for music. A professional musician since fifteen, she continues to tour sharing her high octane live show with music fans around the world. 




LGL live

8/16 FolKets hus Nornäs, SE

8/17 Car event/honkytonk hill Uppsala, SE

9/6-7 Wheatland Music ORGANIZATION Remus, mI

10/11 DYson Listening Room BatOn Rouge, LA

10/24 Eddie’s attic Decatur, ga

10/25 Station inn NASHVILLE, tn

10/26 The green room Memphis, tn





So excited to be playing the Wheatland Music Festival with Robbie Fulks! Ya’ll come out and see us. 🎹🎹🎹

So excited to be playing the Wheatland Music Festival with Robbie Fulks! Ya’ll come out and see us. 🎹🎹🎹